At A Glance

High-quality audio and video transcription services.

All documents are carefully proofread against the original recording.

All documents transcribed from digital recordings are time-stamped.

Simple, easy-to-amend, page layout.

Cost-effective rates with no VAT.

Discounts for students and bulk purchases.

All data transfers are made via secure, encrypted connections.

Terms And Conditions

All of Uppercase Transcriptions' services are provided subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Privacy and security

Uppercase treats all work and all client information as confidential and does not share this information with any individual or institution.

All file transfers are made using encrypted connections supplied by SendThisFile, an innovative company specialising in supplying a secure file-transfer service. Files can be uploaded using a file box on the Sending Files page.

Uppercase Transcriptions’ computers are secure and no unauthorised person has access. Unless otherwise requested, Uppercase erases all documents and recordings from its computers once a client has acknowledged receipt of the completed work. Any working documents that are printed (for example, for proof–reading) are shredded and destroyed on site.