At A Glance

High-quality audio and video transcription services.

All documents are carefully proofread against the original recording.

All documents transcribed from digital recordings are time-stamped.

Simple, easy-to-amend, page layout.

Cost-effective rates with no VAT.

Discounts for students and bulk purchases.

All data transfers are made via secure, encrypted connections.

Terms And Conditions

All of Uppercase Transcriptions' services are provided subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Our Rates

Uppercase Transcriptions’ charges are calculated per recorded audio or video minute which means that you can calculate the fee before submitting your recording.

Rates Summary:

Single speaker – dictation (audio typing), previously-prepared speeches or presentations:£81 per recorded hour

£1.35 per recorded minute
Audio transcription (true or clean verbatim or edited transcription) – interviews, discussions, focus-group meetings, conferences, question and answer sessions, PACE interviews:£105 per recorded hour

£1.75 per recorded minute
Video transcription with descriptions of images or actions (rates for audio transcription only are as above):£135 per recorded hour

£2.25 per recorded minute
Bulk purchase (five hours of recordings or more). Bulk purchases may be paid for in advance and used when needed:10% discount.
Students:10% discount
(15% for bulk purchase).

Urgent Work

Transcriptions are usually completed within a week, and often within a day or two, depending on the prevailing work schedule.

For urgent work, please contact Uppercase to discuss your requirements and to confirm that we will be able to deliver your work on time.

Poor Quality Recordings

Difficult recordings (for example, poor sound quality or speech not clearly enunciated) take a lot longer to transcribe and some parts may remain inaudible despite replaying the recording many times. In such cases it may be necessary to charge an extra 30p per recorded minute. We will always discuss the options with you before proceeding.

New Clients

New clients may be asked for a deposit of 25% of the estimated cost.